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BHR is an Italian leading brand in motorcycle helmets, born in recent years, thanks to the strong entrepreneurship of the Bertucci’s family. The head office is located on the territory of Isola delle Femmine in the province of Palermo.

Modern and dynamic, convinced of the primary role of research and style, BHR has constantly grown in these early years, always having as a reference point the brave and tenacious entrepreneurial spirit.

BHR is a partner that works on mutual trust, on the development of an increasingly efficient logistic and commercial network, on the search for new and better products, on correctness, on transparency, on the ability to reinvent itself day after day by following and anticipating trends of a constantly evolving market.

Thanks to this unique mix of entrepreneurship and familiarity, desire to grow, professional ethics, attention
to detail, BHR today is a well-established company and a starting point for new ambitious goals.